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quickly and easily performed by the author s method
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or under the supervision of the 310th Engineers. Russian labor
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Louis Medical Society and of the St. Louis Obstetrical and Gyneco
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States the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia was at various times used
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est number of ascarids was six. Hookworms were recovered
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and staphylococci in small numbers were found the chains
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Aclion Externa. These salts are antiseptics deodor
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Paronychia Ovium. Foot rot This disease has been more preva
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Ipecacuanha Potassium Chloroform Chloral Hydrate Phena
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The Role of Vancomycin as a Component of Oral Nonab
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are distributed to about forty stations at convenient points in the city.
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exceed the total product of anv other local medical organization.
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Plasters. Plasters are not often called for in horse or cattle diseases
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Double expiratory movement husky wheezing cough dilated
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deficiency occurring in the urethra as the result of excision
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the species found being Culex fatigans Wied. and Stegomyia fasciata
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first conservative methods of operative procedures
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meal is rich in all food essentials including iron and its
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They are being used with a gratifying measure of success. The
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Dr. a. Vander Veer moved a vote of thanks to the President for
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ought not to have ended fatally. The persistence of the
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permit without suffering any pain the completion of
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of city schools when they had to attend these institutes provided in those
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