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correct perception of direction of motion could be ascertained. Lastly

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Give the etiology varieties and symptoms of erysipelas.

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ment of dilatation of the capillaries pulmonary passive congestion

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murmur which is either systolic diastolic or presystolic the

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measures should only be resorted to after all forms of medical

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universally known as the discal cell. In some of the more

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show cloudy swelling fatty metamorphosis or even necrosis

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mitted to it through the placental circulation rarely it may

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atology but to study another morbid process which also ends

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stance is recorded of which the clinical signs are beyond

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Treatment Absolute rest in bed and a bland non irritating

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admitted May 24th 1893. A very healthy child and grew

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nasal catarrh with a seropurulent discharge. Necrosis of

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Index cross scheme for Ophthalmological Department.

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their stop watches at the moment when the rebreathing commences.

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term but one which prompts to laziness in our efforts to differ

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were present. The cavity was abundantly lined with lymph

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uterine and pelvic tumors placenta praevia. and traumatism

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anatomy of the central nervous system with bibliographical references. ac.

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