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the priests and priestesses of Egypt the monastic recluses of the Middle
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two miles is the prescribed distance which is increased to
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and this is likewise true for the thyroid and adrenal ex
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temperature 104 F. great emaciation and anaemia. Operation was performed
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whatever. He should indeed be an eager student of the whole litera
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dilated there is photophobia and the respirations are quickened. The
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formed children did not warrant it. A forcible com
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lege Park What Class of Applicants Should Not be Ad
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healthy vaccine matter. It would be humanity to make it an
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In all cases called fever the cause is the saiue in a
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stantiation therefore careful search has been made of samples
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depasse ce niveau I acidose apparait. Mais d autre part aussitot
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The use of the bovine lymph excludes the possibility of syphilitic
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plain that the tints they used ought not to have beeit
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The ordinance requiring apprentices to be learned in
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visions may be carried out in the simplest and most
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has produced a valuable book which is fully up with the times. His
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entire glabrous deep green subcarnose from three to twelve inches
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ject before the Congress he has had the opportunity
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of the red blood corpuscles resulted only when a second
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through the tubes many positive statements have been made based
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A Tall Soldier. One of the first patients admitted to the new army
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superficial affections of the skin and mucous membranes bleph
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meningocele but the skiagraph showed behind the light shade
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cephalus be present except with the distinct understand
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Ulceration leads to a further absorption of toxic material
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tuberculosis. I give here the literature of twenty four cases of
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pudendal hernia. We have seen however that a number of the
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isolation of the bacillus direct from the exudate and also as regards the
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paid the expenses of individuals forced to defend them
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practice among such patients from the general practitioner.
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ternal carotid artery when necessary as near to the
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one upon the other having articular surfaces between each one.
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actual tubercles but to many of the symptoms of tuberculosis
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acid. The chlorides diminish or disappear. Albumin is present in a large
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of health and sanitary sub officers to use special vigilance in carrying
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only for the patient but for the neighborhood. I can give you
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wound. When scraps of metal or other small articles are driven into
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that they do not invalidate the law of hemiplegia inasmuch
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stant and tin refore not a necessary element for the existence of the
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about 1 to 20 000 and after rinsing out the bladder with boric
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station at Chicago to determine the efficiency of all types of pasteurizers.
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Fig. 5. Photomicrograph of section of leptomeninges and brain
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The parts were examined daily and all cartilage was
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her mental faculties as to lose all consciousness in
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tripod by moving the legs of which the tent could be
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miasis. Treatment must be begun soon after infection has
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Persia where it is called Miana and resembhng recurrent fever