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diagnosis in a case presenting the same general features of cases

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The deposit at Majayjay is on Mangulila Creek about 30 or 40 meters

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The ovum of mammalia differs from that of birds chiefly in the greater

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dying either from recurrence or from loss of strength

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The age at which these lesions appear is almost always the same

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Berkley Moynihan says There are surgeons who like to close the ab

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capacity beyond this amount his respiration becomes diminished.

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amount. It is again reconmiendod that this section be so amended as

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complicated by too many factors to make it of real value. They claim

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longed and labored expiration in which the expiratory souud is formed

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nal abdominal rings and so helping to guard against its advent or

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Report Relating to the Registration of Births Marriages

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jjost mortem in the tissues especially in the duodenum.

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rubbing the skin in the precordial region a contraction of the

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serious and more lasting. Shock and cerebral symptoms were

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resolution administer expectorants as ammonium chloride and

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siderable quantity of oil in the serum of the blood.

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mentioned it. Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote of it the former at some length.

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the female flowers have but a single sepal and petal stamens united

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it depends upon existing conditions whether abortion will result or not.

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in a few days. Fagg reports two cases where the con

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tissues followed by the proper instillation of Dakin s solution early

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told her it was a fibroid and referred her to a surgeon

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Condition on Examination. Slight opacity of both lenses wasting

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