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diseases that are under study in the Clinical Center in and

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of disease among her troops during the Ilusso Japanese

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there was a reception to all visitors in the New Casino. On the

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School has shown that the patella at its highest point of travel

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Disinfection is best done with formalin. Half a pint will answer for

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ing to functional achylia gastrica are being considered.

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nose scrofula Not absolutely if there can be found other

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The Exchequer will be managed by E. B. McAllister and not a member

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suggested may be called the Arthur V. Meigs Publication

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Of 99 female children tmder twelve years of age the

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so worn down and assimilated as to be indistinguishable except to

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Perhaps I might better say all those affections depend

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conditions which underlie these local sensations. On the other hand

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cells which advance peripherally along the chorda tympani. In

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under unfavorable conditions. The matters in suspension pass

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of this has recently been carried out by Bosenow himself in the successful

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inasmuch as it may so closely resemble bilateral recurrent paralysis but

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strations. Those taking this course will be entitled to

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General Therapeutics. Ice may be applied to the nape of the neck and

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heightened general nervous irritability. They probably

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the paraesthesia by cold douches while another pre

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ments to Dr. and tell him that from henceforth you have my

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rily their salvation lies in antagonizing everything in the nature

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bj the mouth are vomiting purging and loss of muscular

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March 14. Animal improved and taking food. Diarrhoea still

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or intestinal affections. Bronchitis pneumonia and occasionally an ascaris

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petition is presented and separately from each other.

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mucous membrane and the symp assimilation with these disorders. As

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Scarlet Fever in Belfast. During the Cincinnati Hospital is ready for oeeupancv It

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transfusions by the citrate method in this series most of the cases

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you gave me a nudge. With your unflinching faith and support amp my

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were those of epithelioma and superficial post operative recur

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right than on the left. The cardiac impulse was inappreciable on

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Guide in the performance of the principal Operations in Surgery

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Double expiratory movement husky wheezing cough dilated

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rupture of the umbilical cord leaves the membranes without circula

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be polluted. Mr. Walker observes that few are aware of the great

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surgeon and dentist has found in this war application previously

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migrating cells were not separated entirely from the original

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The PEOGXOSis of acute endocarditis during pregnancy and the puer

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agricultural district containing no very large towns

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For the treatment of the true syphilitic or Hunterian chancre mercury

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to shape and is well nourished. If we examine the blood we may

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Should thc diseasc become chronic use the following

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He removed congenital teeth in three cases. In his opinion they are

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He thought it was much better that they should establish

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day. Each night alter the purging give a paregoric of the

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by the ordinary rules of lai arotomy. Drainage has been arranged iu