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spasmodic cough with blue face and breathless terrible cramps in

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the thyroids the blood making organs the enteric membrane the

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fore limbs in abnormal dorsal flexion the heels striking the ground

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under the advice of a veterinarian of modern practice. Bleeding should

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each generation. Amongst those who survived the attack

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This is the lesson to be drawn from this experience.

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History of the Yariolous Epidemic in Norwich in 1819

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ting of no exceptions least of all did it consist of only the

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constriction at the chest a feeling of faintness his tongue is dry his

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were an outrage on decency and a blot on civilization. But he

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lent organisms had been present in the same person.

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well filled with visitors all the evening. The clinical

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the body about one hundred degrees that the process of

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secondary complications as diarrhoea with a large amount of local

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s nd iq manv parts covered with coagulated lymph. A small

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eggs. On account however of the possible results of carelessness

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of the patient Mr. Cripps assisted one of his colleagnes

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mulation had helped as there was a history of constipation. The

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B. NISTER John M. Major and Surgeon is assigned to duty

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good no injustice was done to individuals or classes

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and the morbid process is then general the liver suffering in common

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surely be familiar to any one who might take the trouble

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thermometer pain in cardiac region darting through to left scapula

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house several children an increasing practice an extensive circle of

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and alkaline salts 3 bitter substances 4 sweet sub

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when as Hirsch says the natives began to adopt the manners and

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passed involuntarily. Optic neuritis is rare in the meningitis of the cortex

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of the Eighth Annual Safety Congress of the National

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means men with diverse and fresh sympathies were found to lead the

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system instead of the central nervous system is affected and its vitality may

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a periostitis or an arthritis of some of the vertebral

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duces gas and stains according to Gram. The germ is patho

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are removed the posterior pharyngeal wall is visible and often also tlio

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case of morphine there is far less misery and shock.

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produced by the injection into the blood stream of sterile chem

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If specific isotope products and services are deemed to be of sufficient

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time of year the special trip the ship the disease the

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from the escape of air into the cellular substance

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wrought iron spherical chamber was used by Tabarie of Paris

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and medical press chiefiyon the subject of army organiza

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tions. Tlius our teaching facilities would be promoted

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required. The United States Pharmacopoeia gives the following direc

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with all observers. The treatment is unsatisfactory.

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heart the blood and the spleen presented no change.

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Second Edition price 9s. with Corrections and an additional Appendix

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years and over 28 235 an increase of only.18 fc. The

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not sharply defined. Acute cases merge imperceptibly into the chronic

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supposed to be stolen. No suspicion appeared to attach

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frequent these entozoa are in this creature. What is of most interest

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irrigated with iodine lotion and covered with iodoform iodoform gauze

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and if possible liefore the membranes are ruptured. ShoulJ however but

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it is this One whose occupation is to clean and extract

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ulation of colloids by electrolytes or the use of these

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now toeing mailed to every physician in the United States whose ad

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works is the healing power for all earthly diseases.

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of the alcohol applications to such a large surface undoubtedly

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tendency to aggregation of the ingesta in solid masses which

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necessary to make the effort owing to the great number of recruits

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and inflammations but it does not answer for simple

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