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and sometimes it is acquired. There has seemed to be quite a general

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seminiferous tubules of the testicle are choked and event

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monary circulation of the blood and upon the activity of the

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the writer could be recognized by the Examiner is to be written

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vary greatly in intensity. There may be hypera sthesia with numbness and

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sence of swelling and other inflammatory symptoms he found

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clean. The turpentine was continued this time until

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cause his body cells do not have the specific receptors for that

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intellectual control is the guiding dynamic agency. Telesis

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says of this class of persons Experience proves that crypt

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terial decomposition of the contents of thimbles rigid control of thimbles uni

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Bartholinus Borellus and the Ephemerides speak of duplex noses. Thomas

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osseous system of children subject to laryngismus. The condition of the

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said College should be persons duly registered under the provisions of the

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mercury do damage to the organs of elimination or cripple

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tuberculosis are thus divisible into two groups 1 Active immunising

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parts of this magnificent work edited by the House von Richard

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two cases lymphosarcoma one case and post mortem disin

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recourse to calomel and opium or tartar emetic according to circumstances.

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there were tender filaments of recent lymph between the two surfaces of the

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They are restlessness fretfulness gritting of the teeth trembling of

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doctors nurses and orderlies. When a patient entered at night he was

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struments used. A great mass of glands on the side of

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other cases giving clinical symptoms of sprue. It is not patho

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Limited though any change in calibre of the cerebral arteries can be

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advised by a high medical authority not to get married

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controlled epileptic and one that is neglected which means that much can

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After this preliminary discussion which will serve the purpose of clearing

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flow of pus being increased by pressure on the abdomen. He continued

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of Somerset Gloucester and Wilts and the City and County of

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bacillus vary in virulence to a marked degree the writer adopted the

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clothing as this would convert it into a poultice and deprive

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ness and abating pain but sometimes failing to do so. A

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our temperature charts fails to reveal any uniformity of the lobar

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where posterior adhesions are present the ossicle being drawn

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engaged in heavy physical work standing through a long day with

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sputa. They constitute a special class called the saline

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citizen and it never degenerated into mere partisanship.

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under him appears to librate like a balance. In fome feconds of time

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CxolgoH. 8nne. We regret that the exigencies of our

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pine or muscarine. There is one such poison which differenti

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practical training in duties with the animals of the division. In some

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on whether it receives intelligent care and treatment the great

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in large doses but they arn seldom used medicinally for

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by comparing one analysis with another important light may be

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heart is dilated and irresponsive to galvanism after death as

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maceration ecchymoses were found on the thoracic viscera

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visited on her children and that they are to be still more

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lavage upon which of course great stress is laid massage and faradiza

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by the well educated and practiced finger. Her medical attendant having

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have at various times been suggested and have been mori

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the purulent matter lying in contact with the naked bone. And when upon

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section they appear as gray or white fibrous resistant spheroidal

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Butler. Ex Governor Slade of Vermont was present at this meeting

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cases of incipient phthisis in Lima as to the explanation