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Questioning Techniques: A Tool for Teaching Critical Thinking

Using instructional strategies that are designed to require students to analyze information critically is a great way to help them develop sound strategic thinking skills that can serve them well throughout their lifetimes. If you want your students to learn how to use critical thinking strategies, it’s important to incorporate questioning techniques designed to make [...]

3 Examples of Classroom Technology

If you want to provide your students with truly engaging, interactive learning experiences, consider incorporating different types of classroom technology into your lesson plans. There are many options for enhancing lessons across the curriculum with educational technology. 3 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom:A few examples of classroom technology that you may want to [...]

United Way: A Commitment to Education

Most people know that the United Way holds an annual fundraising drive every year and that the organization provides support to many nonprofit organizations in communities throughout the United States. However, what isn’t as well known is the fact that the United Way is committed to having a positive impact on the American educational system. [...]

AIAA Foundation Classroom Technology Grants

Do you have a great idea for enhancing your science or math lessons with technology lessons, but need a little extra money to purchase the supplies or software that you need? Consider applying for one of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Foundation classroom technology grants to help pay for the items that [...]

Recommended Resources: ESL Teaching Books

Are you looking for resources to help you enhance your ESL lesson plans? Do you want to provide your English as a Second Language (ESL) students with quality activities to enhance their learning experiences? There are a number of great ESL books written specifically to serve as resources for educators who teach ESL to beginning [...]

Benefits of Project Based Learning Activities

Are you wondering if you should incorporate project based learning activities in your classes? Regardless of what subject or grade level you teach, there can be a great deal of benefits associated with assigning students to work together in groups. Project based learning activities have the potential to provide students with opportunities for rich, meaningful [...]

Recommended Reading: 2 Activity Resources for English Teachers

Are you looking for resources that you can use to help enhance your English classes? There are a number of excellent books that provide English teachers with ready-made exercises and activities as well as tips and suggestions for assignments and lectures. Here are a few examples of great supplemental texts perfect for elementary school, middle [...]

Recommended Reading: English Teacher’s Survival Guide

Are you a middle or high school English teacher? If so, consider adding English Teacher’s Survival Guide to your professional library. This great book is a go-to resource for English teachers that you will likely turn to time and time again. Whether you are a new teacher who is looking for ideas to help you [...]

Recommended Reading: How to Teach Study Skills

Are you looking for ideas to help you teach study skills to your middle an high school pupils? There are several great books written for the purpose of helping teachers do just that, and two of the best ones are described below. Whether you are new to teaching or if you are a seasoned veteran [...]

Recommended Reading – Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide

Are you looking for a great book to use as a tool for teaching critical thinking skills to your high school or postsecondary students? You just might find that Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide by Tracy Bowell and Gary Kemp is the perfect choice to accomplish your instructional objectives. About Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide [...]