Author Archive Powerful Resource for Math and Science Teachers

Are you looking for a resource designed to meet the unique needs of educators who teach math and science? That’s exactly what is. This fee-based subscription website is a comprehensive, one-stop resource for math and science teachers who are looking for quality lesson plans, instructional resources and professional development tools specific to teaching math [...]

Recommended Reading: Science, Creation and the Bible

Understanding Creation Science Do you want to learn more about creation science? While there are many people who argue strongly for and against the concept of pure creationism, there is growing support for the notion of creation science. Rather than asserting that it’s not possible for scientific and religious notions about the origins of humanity [...]

Recommended Reading for Education Fundraising

Are you looking for fundraising tips to help you raise money for your school or for your classroom? There are a number of great books written especially for the education fundraising market. The next time you need to plan a fundraiser and you want to come up with a new idea, consider reviewing one or [...]

Recommended Reading: Beyond Heroes and Holidays

It’s so important for K-12 teachers to expand their knowledge about what multiculturalism education really is. That’s why every teacher should consider reading Enid Lee’s Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guide to K 12 Anti Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development. What You’ll Learn from Beyond Heroes and Holidays When you read Beyond Heroes [...]

4 Tips for Inclusive Teaching

It’s important for teachers to realize that most classrooms are populated with students from a wide variety of backgrounds with varying learning styles, talents and ability levels. Because classroom and school diversity is a given, it’s essential for teachers to consider the differences among students when selecting teaching strategies and methods. Rather than expecting everyone [...]

Enhance English Classes with Freewriting Activities

Do you want to help your students become more comfortable with writing? One of the best ways to help students learn to enjoy writing and overcome the stress of writers’ block is to incorporate freewriting activities into your English classes. What is Freewriting? Freewriting is exactly what it sounds like. Set aside a little time [...]

Recommended Reading: Best Practices for Teaching Social Studies

Are you tired of doing the same thing all the time in your social studies classes? Do you want to help bring the important content you are covering to life for your students? Are you looking for a book that can help you improve your social studies lesson plans? Best Practices for Teaching Social Studies: [...]

Recommended Reading: Media Literacy Books for Teachers

Are you ready to begin incorporating media literacy instruction into your lesson plans? No matter what subject matter you teach or grade level you work with, it’s certainly important to help students learn how to look at the messages they receive through traditional and new media with a critical eye. There are a number of [...]

Media Literacy in Elementary School: Free Tools from PBS

Are you looking for ways to introduce media literacy to your elementary school students? Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has many free lessons and activities that you can use to do just that. Here are two great resources from PBS that you may want to use in your classes! 2 Elementary School Media Literacy Lessons from [...]

Critical Thinking Books: Options for All Grade Levels by Donald L. Barnes

Are you looking for a critical thinking book that’s grade-level appropriate? No matter what grade(s) you teach, there’s a good chance that one of the many books that Donald L. Barnes has written or contributed to will work perfectly for your students. Barnes has authored and co-authored many excellent grade-level specific books over the years, [...]