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duced by metazoan parasites. We shall consider only the

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ing is going on it may be encouraged by large draughts of warm

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gastro intestinal tract genital organs and many others are often

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each time previous to bathing with it. It allays the burning heat and

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Spirit of Cinnamon is contained in Acidum Sulphuricum

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Union Protestant Infirmary. Member Honorary of Therapeutical Society of

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health of animals but by the debility and anaemia that ensue when it

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and other pulmonary affections also in gonorrhea leucorrhea and

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Baguio to Ambuklao also in Benguet flowers and fruit October 24 1905.

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inward during delivery of the kidney. In three cases in which

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sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (bactrim-ds/septra-ds)

an elastic hoof. Corns soon follow contraction of the hoof often pro

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dinary case of acute erythematous lupus consequent upon the

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in the kidneys and ovarian passages of animals especially weasels. Rare

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endocarditis and pleurisy as well. The next youngest was aged 12

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expulsion of greater or smaller masses of bronchial

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Duration Complication Prognosis. These sores are remarkable

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the head may become involved. In this case in the region

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Not only are the features discoloured bloated and swollen but the eyes

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tended on his side panting and sweating in the most exhausted

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and healthy. The two other children girls are of proper height. He is

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life within the realm of human existence. All its phenomena enter

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close study has led to the frequent misuse of the term gliosarcoma.

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This dressing differs essentially from all others in

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those which are referable to the states of the urine

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plaster or dressing underneath it will also now become advisable.

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sufficient to push them through both layers of the pre

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considerably greater than the primary deviation of the affected one this

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total stillbirths to total births varied from one in

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inflammatory response In chronic infections focal destruction of tubules and

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fire always maintained in the forge of life whereby although

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Now if we use the term anatomical character in the rigorous

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medial column gradually diminish in number in the cer

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elements we went side by side. Then Dutchman lost ground.

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Fort YeUowstone Wyo. No in portant change in the sanitary

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Kidneys gross examination. The organs are not swollen. The cut surfaces are

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tive study of seventy one cases of that lesion of which one

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Bacteriological Examination. Wo wish to know if the water hjus been

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ance mentality general nutrition and muscular develop

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bites of the face there was a death rate of 8.80 per

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aristocracy of learning. In fact many an old fashioned peda

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stated that this drug is of much benefit in diabetes this would

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reasons on cause and gives demonstrations by effects.

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assimilate some of the most important tissue building substances

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able to give an accurate account of the progress of

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bacilli are usually present in very small numbers. Sheep

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gone but faced the novel experiment of life in contact with savage

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he was just dead. The resident pupil otherwise an estimable young

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historical interest. Ladies desirous of availing them

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He was at first placed under the care of the general

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differentiation of magmas. It has been shown however that these

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succumbed to immorality and barbarism and had sunk into ignorance any

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It was absurd that rabies in animals for instance should

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scientific modification of milk and percentage feeding are followed

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The Methods of Bacteriological Investigation. By Dr.

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nally proposed by Brunton Patients should be provided with the

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presumptive evidence of syphilis an examination of the spinal fluid.

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his plans for retirement as of September 1978. Dr. Cardon s successor

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firmed the conclusions of Dr. Jones and Dr. Stokes and

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is the dangerous element in ventilating. It is true

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EmoUient lotions are generally recommended and the ordinary

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symptoms but probably wlien these are defined they are depen

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may contract equally or one pupil is dilated or normal

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phrase the great economist Marx proved Malthus philosophy

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Mauua is produced from several other trees beside the Omus Eu

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where which should be speedily explained and remedied as the disappointment

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and carried with the dripping water to the edges of the

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Laws state and territorial as to practice of medicine

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controversy. Even now our knowledge of this subject lags sadly behind the

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vocal resonance somewhat tremulous when monosyllables are articu

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would learn little from it. However those who are ignorant of the

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percentage rises while the total number of leucocytes remains

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itis carcinoma lupus and quite frequently in chronic ulcers of the legs.

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different surface when compared with our own. It has

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grows strong by degrees only for our emotions and impulses are

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