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wire and firmly adherent to the surrounding walls.

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possesses over the Thiersch method are these the cos

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ated. There was cedema of the lungs and evidence of consider

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medicine endocrinology geriatrics neurology obstetrics and gynecology

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d. Treatment for a person in electrical shock. The rescue of a

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Life shall henceforth and Health be yours he cryed.

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given two doses of 2000 units of serum ten days apart. The pulse

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The treatment by caustics must be left to the skilled

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Eye and Ear Infirmary and specialized in ophthalmic

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Dear Doctor My only excuse for not answering before is

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The influence of lactation on the course of diabetes has

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So Courvoisier s law should always be kept in mind when studying

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extremity of the bone exposed. The injury was of such

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from his arm on which side he was most affected with a

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Irradiation of the Lymphoid Tissues of the Rhino Pharynx

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Colony. No difficulty whatever is found in administering

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Infectious Omphalophlebitis tetanus neonatorum white scours

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Armington John L. Greensburg Athon James S. Charleston Ballard

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use of McDonald s solution fulfilled in actual practice the claims

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From an analysis of the clinical histories reported

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solution arrived at in council is then presented to the students or

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lactic acid is added or when the ordinary lactic ferments are present.

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or Ehrlich s liquid stained or not by means of various reagents.

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I must apologise for digressing for a moment to call your attention to

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already in the hands of all medical Officers of Health.

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slight puffiness above the eyes were observed. Greater respiratory distress

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