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awake frequently at night and cry out loudly with pain.

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are imperfectly understood or not at all to this day.

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Army Medical Museum. Negative number 45283. Hematoxylin and eosin stain X HO

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perience was identical with that of the last patient

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Journal for June 13th p. 1324 has been fully maintained

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ous pulmonary and cerebral lesions occur also during the course of

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across the wide land served only to deepen the affection that

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tlie endocardium especially on tlie valves the ulcerated condi

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per cent solution subcutaneously given at the same time

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disturbance of the mucous membrane brought about by the

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pose of introducing a drainage tube into the bladder

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careers. For one success for another failure one will tread

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uterine curve determiue the height to which the pessary will lift the

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almost uniform caliber in this area but in the affected one the.

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stated that aralysis is a symptom and not a disease.

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and intermittent disorders and of obstinate diseases of the skin

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The systematic crimes of German militarism are the con

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the House Naval Committee regarding the needs of the service

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scribed it great benefit in the the condition of the patients

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condition is known as bitemporal hemianopsia. Naturally if the process

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SMITH bovaird irritable heart or effort syndrome 885

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