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the question whether vaccination and revaccination should be made
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upon the heart cause a high grade of passive renal congestion.
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women as in men and Newman has pointed out that the
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abdomen at a point remote from the pericardium it had better
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considered to be of any service unless the child was taught
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weight his cough stopped and the bacilli disappeared
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hypocliondriacal despondent feelings. It improves instead of
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of procedure which are varied to suit the necessities of each in
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infirmary department those unfortunate victims of a
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of every victim of accident in industry and every sufferer
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amount of nitrogen in the food he may confine the patient to
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John Saxer Family Practice Baptist Medical Center Kansas City Missouri
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hesitate. That it is felt keenly and painfully goes
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to some toxin or germ which attacks the body from with
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Summary. Always well until he had rheumatic fever May 1916
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For Latest Ee2 orts see Paynphlet forwarded on Application.
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that monkeys can be infected when the products of crushed lice fed
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uations. It may be given in an emulsion with lime. Tbe dose should
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section of the Territorial General Hospital is established.
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when the patient seemcl more excited than usual. Improvement
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insufficiency of contraction of a band of muscular tissue which
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its capability of motion and the muscles by which its movements are effected.
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causes intense irritation and swelling and often produces ulceration.
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due to the loss of its water of crystallization. Example crystal
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sense of taste over the anterior two thirds of the tongue
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sustaining a fracture of the surgical neck of the humerus.
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of the central retinal artery and of optic nerve atrophy
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affections from which they may be suffering. The late Surgeon major
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decline in the severity of the cases if not in num
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Gallemaerts of Brussels J reports a case of congenital cyst
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the careful administration of morphine in large doses. Gel
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kidney is considered an important etiological factor in neph
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well as being powerfully antiseptic. For this reason solutions of the