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transmit the spirochaete from animal to animal and to transmit

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results as far as the vehicles are concerned have been eminently satisfactory. I

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phylactic measures in these factories should be enforced


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tion of ice. Neuralgia is said to have occurred in more than eighty

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I am unable to determine for I have known it to affect equally

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The results in the primary and tertiary stages of the disease shown

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also he an agent in the importation of the disease.

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stains the fingers a brownish color. Important changes occur in the

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attached to the posterior extremity of the right vocal bands. There

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ommended for such cases. I used a drug which I had never

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sisted in this treatment for months the disease has not been permanently

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ness. No antidote was given and the patient perfectly recovered in a week.

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before the completion of the typhoid paratyphoid vaccinatiop every effort will be

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the importance of treating every case of puerperal sepsis

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capricious and fanciful. Charpeutier narrates the history of a case

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stock a culture was again passed through lytic serum

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have therefore arrived at the result that i c.c. of serum fails to

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especially during the epidemic of last December I had

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vascular endothehum and brain Multifocal necrosis with syncytial giant cells

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Je vous donne le bon jour a ce commencement d annee et

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