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Etiology. The essential cause of Echinococci is evidently related
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The internal ear may be the seat of primary involve
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The treatment of neuralgia for example by nerve section has been frus
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A student of midwifery can only learn a few general prin
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accompanied it should perhaps be said rather than promoted recovery
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a heavy drinker taking several glassc of beer a day as well
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species are considered to be new viz. fuscijjes lineatus pseudoardens
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paraplegia. Not so however in hysterical paralysis where
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Portions of the cortex may be converted into firm pale
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it sufficiently to allow of its removal. For this the child was given
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psychologic problems that underlie the vast field of
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The neuralgia affected the right side in si.xty two
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organized with the formation of more scar tissue. In other words it seems
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PosT TRANSFUSiON REACTIONS. The post trausfusiou reaction is
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This change is made for reasons which we think will be to the
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fascia it splits to enclose the subclavius muscle is at
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cases of the use of cocaine in differentiating doubtful cases of
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The titration of this mixture gtive me results correspond
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ous. The mare had great difficulty in eating and also in lower
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sations due to the passage of gas and faeces through a narrowed orifice.
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The amount of food imported prior to the war is shown
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in the month of October a little before the full of the
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of their health through a guarded animal food supply.
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nucleus. The luemorrhage may be small and limited to the lenticular
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the employment of an improved technic in closing the
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swelling and redness at the site of injection always remained between
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with double vessels a suggestion or even the consequence of a
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reo ards man and horse I here introduce the following article
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hand these workers have shown that the element in cow s milk
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these and many other varieties of impaired feeling.
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with the others that Gibson s modification of Hagedon s splint
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ent type of fever altogether. I do not know what you have in