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noted in thyroid therapy. Furthermore the thyroid gland as a whole

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of fuming nitric acid had been of no avail conclud

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the nutrition of the muscle. And opposed I consider to the theory that

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plies of maxiy. valuable medicinal agents not found

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as being against the best interests of the patients and ilic

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One sixth of a grain given to a strong muscular man

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Squadron Leader after ten yeais total service. Accelerated

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before with peroxide of hydrogen every six hours. By the 28th

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till the prolixity of their legs and thighs exceeds the longi

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scribed as any article in the medical pharmacopoeia.

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Case IV Curade. The patient was a female aged twenty

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sleejjless at times constantly tossing about and trying to

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walled off and communicates with the intestine through a per

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a large share in the difficulties of interpretation.

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purpose of making grants to persons desirous of under

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evening before early enough to have allowed full seven hours

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The anastomosis is firm and admits the tip of the index finger.

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cine March 1 1902 prompts me to add a few practical hints

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copy I am writing from in most perfect condition lent me by my

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syphilitic toxin or else it will be incumbent upon the advocates of the

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protection of funds and the following resolution was

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said That is from Iter Freisehutz. I repeated the F

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ea of belladonna poisoning. My name was mentioned in

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sum of money would produce a design commemorative of the pilgrim s visit

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gain in weight the quantity of food should be increased. It is

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the lesion is considerably larger flattened instead of rounded and i ointed

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denudation is of as much importance as the suturing itself. At times

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certainty to kill make this disease a subject of paramount importance.

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were about 120 ulcers distributed over the whole surface. They were

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dating back to Aristotle s aphorism that man is a political animal.

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its attendant pathological changes are examined with the

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London for the holiday period would depend upon the state of

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The Medical Department of the Western University at Lou

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too many enemies and if important secret organisations are

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pressure on the entire contents of the skull encephalon viz

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Half cup of butter one of sugar one of flour one half

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the present day. Whatever view may be taken of their

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of one bed to 5 000 of the population was most unfortunate.

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treated with excess of sulphuretted hydrogen sulphide of lead is

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borhood of the caicum they do not originate there as where a

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introduction of the needle yet it is always well to

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old cases of hypertrophied prostate palliative meas

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inating wounds. Dr. Resnikow a Russian physician reports

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ment the governors of provinces. chiefs of clans etc. but they were

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The commanding officer states that the increased number of

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by others the luitrilion of the patient nuist be such

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life. What are you paid for The other doctor has been sent

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number of white recruits enUsted with comparatively few of the

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tem is at a low ebb trouble ensues. Usually first but not

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drained out through this. In making this incision the pleura was not

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