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United Way: A Commitment to Education

Most people know that the United Way holds an annual fundraising drive every year and that the organization provides support to many nonprofit organizations in communities throughout the United States. However, what isn’t as well known is the fact that the United Way is committed to having a positive impact on the American educational system. [...]

Recommended Reading for Education Fundraising

Are you looking for fundraising tips to help you raise money for your school or for your classroom? There are a number of great books written especially for the education fundraising market. The next time you need to plan a fundraiser and you want to come up with a new idea, consider reviewing one or [...]

AIAA Foundation Classroom Technology Grants

Do you have a great idea for enhancing your science or math lessons with technology lessons, but need a little extra money to purchase the supplies or software that you need? Consider applying for one of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Foundation classroom technology grants to help pay for the items that [...]

Tips for Obtaining Classroom Grants and Teacher Grants

Obtaining a classroom grant is a challenge. It can seem daunting, but if you take the process step by step, then things should go smoothly. Here are some tips on obtaining classroom grants and teacher grants. Grants for teachers are available from a variety of sources. Classroom grants and teacher grants are offered through community [...]

Preparing a Successful Grant Proposal

With school budgets facing unprecedented cuts, the competition for classroom grants is fiercer than ever. And there are some pretty savvy grant writers out there, so you must approach your proposal as a professional. Here are some suggestions to help you improve your odds of writing a stand-out grant proposal: Know your deadline. Don’t assume [...]

Donors Choose: A Unique Approach to School Philanthropy

Are you looking for a way to make a donation that you know will make a difference in the lives of America’s K-12 students and teachers? With Donors Choose, you can do exactly that. This unique charitable organization allows people who want to make educational contributions to control exactly where the dollars they give as [...]

Social Innovation Fund Grants Awarded

Made possible by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act of 2009, the Social Innovation Fund is comprised of a combination of public and private funds and will be directed toward having a positive impact on the lives of low-income families throughout the U.S. The Social Innovation Fund aims to provide financial support to worthwhile [...]

Trinity College: An Example of Alumni Fundraising Success

With so much uncertainty in the economic environment, many colleges and universities are facing declining alumni gift participation. However, while many peer institutions are struggling to meet their fundraising goals in light of the current economic situation, Connecticut’s Trinity College set a record high each year from 2006 through 2009. Facts About Trinity College’s Recent [...]

Organizing a Stuff the Bus Campaign

Are you looking for a way that you can make a difference in the life of school children in your community? Consider getting involved with a "Stuff the Bus" campaign in your area, or think about starting one of your own! What is a "Stuff the Bus" Campaign? A Stuff the Bus campaign is an [...]

Race to the Top: Federal School Reform Funds for Deserving Schools

Money is certainly an important variable in the challenge of improving schools. However, money isn’t the only issue. Throwing money at a problem won’t solve anything unless the funds are utilized in a way that can actually make a difference. This strategic channeling of funds is the goal of Race for the Top. In 2009, [...]