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from their belief that digitalis especially when administered by the

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rather milium soler which as Serapion from Aben Juliel

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tance of suitable hyygienic conditions in the treat

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affected in like degree in most cases thougli never simultaneously

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corresponds in direction and in relative amount in the different

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friends and himself went to church they did not believe half

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bling nneumococci stain by Gram. Long and short bacilli

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has sometimes been suspected as reappearing through

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A recent and most interesting case of identification is that of

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bacteria saw wood and say nothing. Workers in abdominal surgery

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the whole tongue taking out also the sublingual and submaxil

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Opportunities for study at the present on account of the war are

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Eruptions in children often free them from bad humours but are

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feel sure that by its unstinted use we have not only

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panied by great tenesmus tympanites and colic There are

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Case No. 106 cholesterin blood content 0.272 jaundiced

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gums and the foulness of the mouth in such cases is almost incredible.

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First Examination for medical degrees of the University

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propagandists displaying in their windows a large bust of a distinguished Scotch