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bear. Effluvia ilia tenuiora concipiunt et amplectuntur cor
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rhagic extravasation. The inflammation proceeds to suppuration in a
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acts merely as an auxiliary and exercises but comparatively little
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referable to other or natural causes whether also sufficient time
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conditions vary greatly and periods of improvement alternate with attacks
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also there is a consideration that requires to be borne in
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three pints of tincture are obtained evaporate this in a water bath to
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of the treatment was sufficiently early and decisive to give value
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hemorrhage or indirectly as when the cortical substance is
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w hich bathes the nasal passages and are swept away by
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The writer finds the cause for these facts not in bad
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in its antero posterior as compared with its transverse diameter
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third of the space between the axillary folds. At the
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metrium must be looked upon as a ductless gland possibly
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This is especially the case in those infections whose
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would tend to point at the lower border of the anterior
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furnish a considerable proportion of our neurasthenic patients. As van
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is made a slit like a buttonhole the result which would happen
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Yearly Incidence compared with Total Rainy Days per year.
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tion of the above methods and trials in the field are being organised
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line or eserine and pilocarpine. Certain drugs such as camphor
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rectus once. The FoleyMncision was used only twice but it is certainly a
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ally made to the enumeration of midwives in the Ger
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skull sustained sixteen years previously very great improvement
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It is a special characteristic of neuroses that being thus primarily
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In addition to the regular diet tables a special diet list is
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occurrence has been considered accidental and as the result of previous attacks of
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The only ill effects caused by elephantoid swelling appear to be
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capable of testing its correctness by the most rigid methods
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north and therefore while on the one hand his experience of
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none of these conditions be met with if the individual is young
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For the investigation with chlorine 112 animals were employed. The
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the mortality from rabbies before an tirabic inocu
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Enlarged Tonsils. This if neglected may lead to deafnes s there
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ness distressing intelligence frightful dreams amp c
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of intrauterine constricting l aiHl gt call for pecial orthopanlic and surgical
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the hairs of themselves and their fellows taken in at the period of
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surfaces on each side for the articulation of the sternal ribs formed by
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de M. Tardieu qui fut si miserablement assassine I annee
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is more or less severe and varies somewhat in character although gene
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lege of which Dr. Davis is practically the founder
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The treatment of neuralgia for example by nerve section has been frus
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the stronger bias men have shown has been the conservative.
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represent the limit of time after which infection may take place but
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which the plague often caused in Europe smallpox carried off
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through the holes above mentioned. The fractured limb was lastly ex
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But no manufacturing town supplies exclusively its own population it
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sesthetic states conform with conditions of our mental life that
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The former acts by endowing the child with a mobile abnormally sensi
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which have been and are being perpetrated in therapeutics. The
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find opportunity to enter ui gt on active duty so far as
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usually in three four or five leaflets and it is quite astonishing
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ankle joint may be suppurating or a toe absent through a like condition
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and Grossmann s attempts to trace the position of the affected vocal cord
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various names which have been successively bestowed on each substance
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Remarks. A Irs. Deacon Warner for whose husband I worked in hay
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Intermittent fever at times reaching 104 F. continued throughout the illness
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deavor of this department to apply properly fitting suspensories and