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than ever before. Some of the heads of departments have

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intensity and the stools still remain very frequent a

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In the course of a month great improvement was noted in the

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nounced in the Xezv York Medical Journal for October

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or sclerosing otitis media for the pur ose of removing masses

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being but in some cases the tumour has rapidly increased

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Six years ago through the courtesy of your invitation Stone

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work about the London breweries drink large quantities of

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The followint statement shows the eauses of rejection anionjj Filipino

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gastric and intestinal vein fV condition often terminating in extravasation

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of December 3rd p. 958 involves the early introduetiou

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The influence of lactation on the course of diabetes has

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The PROGNOSIS depends upon the general ca ability of resistance and the

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traordinarily prevalent of late not only among the ignor

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space if necessary. Of course on such a small ship such things

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Under gt ria arterie and artery there are nearly thirty

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ing mtothe patient s throat on the withdrawal of the

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The prognosis in this valvular disease though certainly un

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the hideous hollowness of the whole thing. Is a band of drunkards

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the remaining eighteen cases the catarrh was chronic

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side of the face and the body little oedema of the lower

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offends the average social ideal. Again The idea of mental

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issued and will then proceed to Fort Rover Mass. for

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ankylostomiasis is associated in the earlier stages with dyspeptic

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reference to dope prescriptions. Virginia Pharmacist The.

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respiration were taken every three hours and they were exercised

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that it originated in the brain and spinal cord from which

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available and other conditions which are necessary to

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they are not yet complete and we must wait for further

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No. 2s. A porti f colon with muo ckened and gular deep

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occurring at the normal hydrogen ion concentration of the

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cases in which it will fail there is only one remedy that

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Africa and America. In I rance it is most serious in the moister

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It is not generally rcalixed how much moderately deaf chihin n are

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Dilated Trembling indicates Nervous Fever or congestion.

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the ovum was unbroken is removed and uterine oontractions the expul

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did not have a picture of the patient before the operation.

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rate layer and the skin closed with interrupted silk stitches.

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varies greatly. In some persons it is unusually lax

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is present and where epithelial granular small hyaline and exudative

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person who adds to oleomargin any ingredient or coloration

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room in the more severe leaden gray pultaceous form

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from carcinomata and 2 were from chronic inflammatory lesions and

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the skin incision to prevent access of their secre

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The degree of confusion existing in the mind of the maniac

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somewhat raised patches which occupy the interior of the lacunse

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