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Endometritis may be either putrid or septic. In the putrid form the
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Dr. R. Tillev said One of the points brought forward by
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Digitalis should be employed only when some other antipyretic is given.
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superior middle and inferior portion of each lung both before and behind
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characteristics of their three stages cold hot and sweating. But the
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observations on the pulse and those made by Doctor Solano.
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far as possible ill ventilated and stuffy places must be avoided
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vantages of synovectomy and resection in tuberculosis of
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ment of the cortex the so called cortical anesthesia might be
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In selecting the remedies to be associated with this
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Any mitral murmur during this illness would have been effectually
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neuritis and the careful observer finds this quite frequently. At
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was apparently at least to diminish the assimilation to the average
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logical adaptation and finally integration and social
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acts upon some delicate part in a particular group of cells. Thus in
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stable and fed on hay and oats. This is considered an unsound
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other duly qualified person or persons. Honorarium about 30.
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if there are no complications the terminations are death or recoverv
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Instead of opium I gave hyoscyamus which neither increases heat produces
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The process in its incipiency was probably unilateral and
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growth described as aberrant cancer of the thyreoid
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Cojivalescence. July 30 convalescence good. Slight distension
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