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The special diagnosis of exceptional tumours within the chest not
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regarded as a definite clinical complex. This view finds support in the
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D.RING last week the mortality of Edinburgh was 19 per thousand.
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a suspected case without being properly masked over the nostrils and
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ing up to the ears and dysphagia are prominent symptoms and are
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hypothesis the extension of the life of the tissues
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solved is merely a question of nasal drainage and he
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occurred with a passive kidney presumably by a process of filtration.
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cases as this must be eliminated before diagnosing an idiopathic
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sures favors the average venous filling pressure and increases the
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and the mustard poultice in favour of mustard compresses. Among
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of every victim of accident in industry and every sufferer
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master disbursing officer for payment. Since the medical disbursing officer
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ing pathologist must know systematic mycology as well as the classi
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Fragen musste auf anderem Wege erstrcbt werden und dicser Weg
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dence that Mr. Miller had never himself performed it nor is a record
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first winter after their arrival arising from the rigors of
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will officiate in the Eipon Hospital vice Miss George on
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or coercion and should have sufficient knowledge and
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the same representation that she had before. He was
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ambulance and Ked Cross lectures should be suspended
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relating to the part of the foot which first touches the ground.
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PellaKra. Experimental investigation of the cause of.
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cow s milk white of egg oatmeal or other common foods
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could not tolerate it on account of the disagreeable
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national but not bureaucratic system of medical service.
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sented the report of this committee. It stated that of the 809 applicants
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ration from which Fig. 3 was drawn. In this section the polypoid
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