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lieved in two or three days by purgatives and bfistering

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The treatment is surgical and the removal should be radical.

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A Huge Hemangioma of the Liver Associated with Hemangiomata of the

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The question in dispute at Guy s Hospital is regarded by the general

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rectly but also by the use of such drugs as strych

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A Tall Soldier. One of the first patients admitted to the new army

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tion of mucous membrane lining pelvis and infundibula of kidney.

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No family taint. Had only suffered from usual infantile diseases and influenza.

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of reports from the pathologists immediately following such visits will be submitted directly

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to damage the internal lateral ligament at its attachment

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the last fifteen years at the Chelsea Hospital for Women. Then

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Wassermanns made by the North Carolina State Board of Health on

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Six cases of suture of divided nerves have been reported and

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