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and observations on optical rotation it was shown that

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dition of the city of Archangel during the war and the shortage of

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forage foreign bodies corn cobs bits of bone or wood

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Here are some Jaeger Wool Goods some of which every

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ism and syphilis which are readily acquired by these people

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consciousness. The question arises Which of the many

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but suppose that his brother with strong susceptibilitv is ex

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tions hitherto called colloid masses are sero albuminoid

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sodium salicylate and potassium bircarbonate in qual

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then to change the gauze with the aid of retractors. In this

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The theme of morphology is then as follows to compare organs

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when the Ohio Association would be able to entertain them.

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surgical officer salary 180 a year one resident patho

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appear the epiglottis almost always participates in the swelling and

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admission rate was greater the efficiency of the Army was improved.

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irregularly thickened and very adherent as a result

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seasoning plenty of wholesome food good grooming and protection

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an vnce of poudre of gingire and a quartrun of clarifiede hony 5

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not be allowed until the x rays show definite trabeculation

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cant in this connection. Although these men had been exposed

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publications Frick established that a form of dumbbell

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That oophorectomy adds a pronounced degree of risk to the patient s

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result was negative and in this instance Gottschalk

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Summary. Always well until he had rheumatic fever May 1916

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titioner and had previously been seen by specialists in

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lighted and more light cannot be admitted from the left

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that the glonoine which I swallowed was pure glonoine obtained from

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therefore result betrayed by somewhat anomalous sjmptoms

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going a similar re action would be converted into sulphate of iron

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hand subject to considerable influence from the married state

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remedies after he leaves the medical school he learns

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by bubbles of gas and intestinal contents. The loop containing this perfora

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Ingvar S. 1918 Zur Phylo und Ontogenese des Kleinhirns nebst einem

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bronchitis influenza and locked jaw. Doses half a drachm to forty or

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turbances that depend upon the locality affected and the extent of

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akin to xanthin and xanthin is a chemical substance produced in the human

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May be suspected when the cake is brittle and colour

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long oval bodies with this pigment in the centre. It

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tologic parameters suggest a simple non invasive v.ay to improve ti e

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beneath. This probably means only a serious impairment of

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bleeding from internal organs it affects chiefly the mucous membrane

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has been inhaled to induce full physiological action subse

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recent years and judging by the notes of my cases I

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Excess in total calories has been the commonest mistake

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that the iron exists in it in the state of sesquioxide. The following

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bacteria. On August 8 bacterial examination of stool showed no

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I take from Schipmann s dissertation some remarks concern

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cliez les princes et bien souvent non sans regret into nun sine

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sclerotic areas. Again in close relation to the engorgement of the

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are well taken. I recall the cases of four children who had

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abstainer from both but he is not necessarily so. It does

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The Department of the Visayas has the highest noneffective and

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Head Small and clean cut muzzle large forehead straight or

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Diseases by Means of Pneumatic Differentiation New Yoik

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mnst avoid all excesses of every kind exposnre to fatigue to heat and

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without spreading farther west. I shall now shortly trace the origin and

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mously enlarged spleen was then removed. Hot sterile