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distance over the surrounding surface. Thus we have direct
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cases in which erosion by an aneurism with marked kyphosis had been
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Dr. Yeomans emphasized the value of X ray pictures in
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The annual meeting of the California Library Association was held
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skeleton and all its parts are affected affords a conspicuous example.
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have prevailed for the greater part of the first cen
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Take Cjuinine hvdrochloride is better than the sulphate 5 grains
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at the sulcus formed by the umbilicus and another at the ilium
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tacks old sclerotic valves. The emholus most frcnpiently passes to the left
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B. NISTER John M. Major and Surgeon is assigned to duty
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head and frontal fulness a hot mustard foot bath repeated several times
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ings to the most intense forms paresthesia is often
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Santo Mount Athos never touched animal food but lived on vegetables
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all incontact pigs destroying the eggs and parasites in the manure
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swelliu in these parts with loss of voice. Whether pitting takes ilaeo
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It is well to make these inter articular injections slowly so as to
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in situations of peculiar anxiety and interest but I confess that the
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be our performances and our intents make out our actions
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Preparation. Take of Iodine two ounces Iron Filings an ounce
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When the monstrosity is in tho anterior presentation should it prove
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of laceration it may be possible to hasten delivery without increasing the
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arranged for the purpose and well adapted to it. While rated at a
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between them to admit a bucket place a large pillow at the extreme
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variation in the amount of resistance introduced into a
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to the great interest felt by the King in the problems
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jects of Embryotomy and the Csesarean operation and its substitutes.
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soft and its cells become loose and swollen these finally instead of
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melancolique et lt pi ils deviennent tous ou innocents apres
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might prove a menace to medical men placed in circum
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Answee The subject of railroad hygiene is rather a wide one but it
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The precarious condition in which he considered the man to be deter
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