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thickening of the tissues. Some cases of excision of the cyst are

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LoTio Hydrastis et Aconiti. Lotion of Golden Seal and Aconite.

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though men above the average were not lacking none were forthcoming in

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points out that when iodol is given internally the iodine reaction is obtained

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salary helping to finance sick folks who are probably paying one fourth

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While there has been the constant improvement which

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reported where the escape of the foreign body via the bowel was

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Fort Riley Kan. to accompany troop Q 6th Cav. to San Fr

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tendineffi of the left side being on the stretch and the mitral orifice

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Keep the patient in a dry well ventilated stall. Give a tablespoon

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equivalent shall be the minimum of preliminary requirement and

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likewise discovered the pneumococcus in a case of osteomyelitis.

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immediate neighborhood of the embolic masses the alveoli are

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the act of seeing. In the posterior part it is surrounded by the

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drawn froia the cases reported can be briefly summar

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heals at one side while it progresses at the other or it

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gaged in this investigation. The work is not completed.

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From a theoretic standpoint it would not be easy to state

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tion in favour of corrosive sublimate but when the solid matters

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For the next six days the only unpTe isan t feature was the

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possibly undissolved corrosive sublimate or imperfectly dissolved

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These were removed with forceps. In ail 45 larvEc were

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method of infection the swallowing of the fleas by the mice is an

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for tinea and other skin affections with good results. I am etc.


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Histologic Alterations of Cytotoxinic Intoxication.

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catalogue in which the Papers of Transactions amp c. are not inserted.

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tion unite with a certainty that ceases to attract attention.

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the continued increase after the cessation of contraction and has

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before Dr. Vaughan reached the university and his report be

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entirely escaped. No pseudo membrane is present except

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two years of age 19 puerperal fever 2. The total deaths

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mucous membrane of the nose exhibited blackish ecchymoses almost

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districts whilst at Wigan the deaths were increased by colliery explosions

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aphthous ulcers on the hard palate. As already remarked con

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of the revelations of the last census that thirty three and a

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Homeric Grammar and even Thompson s Greek Grammar. We are

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St. Thomas s in 1846. There he took most of the prin

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Northern New Mexico central Mexico southern Colorado

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depended upon the nature of the case but even in aggravated cases two

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his company can because of the volume of business. The State has the

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must not separate at the tips on hard pressure while the blades

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tion of pus should be instituted at once without delay.

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be prohibited in such cases. All patients who can as

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was after a time prescribed for all officers employed in the

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Of the ten year old patients the stone in one case

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a table of errata No Sir keep the fool within doors The

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These lists are furnished free of charge to members of tl

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distinct dilatation. With such solutions it is some

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lymphatica but these statements have not been confirmed and it may

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folded along the median line where the two halves of

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neighboring tissues as ulceration fistula paralysis tumors tubercular

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the patient from clearing his bronchi from the secretion provoked by the