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The spread of yellow fever can be most effectually controlled by

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place the case may be one of general paralysis of the

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senatorial courtesy requires that it must be done through either

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ta from a chill. Typhoid and Typhus Fevers first stage hyperemia

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The propter strength of these solutions is given elsewhere in detail.

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part down to the bone so as to free tense inflamed periosteum.

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legislative discussion and of even more religious ill feeling

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baby without the intervention of the chemist or any of the pre

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prove the correctness of these views we should be cautious in the

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material by placing it in oil of juniper for ten minutes

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the bronchi becomes obliterated and the communicating alveoli are

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symptoms of severe injury that his medical adviser. Dr. Putnam oonsidered

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of the Poplar Hospital have published a document in which they say

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suffocalion. At Greenwich the mean temperature of the air was 37.1

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sodium hypochlorite containing about 10 to 15 per cent

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involved the arm. In the latter case removal of this

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more cases in his notes but as in these operations were

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of the world. But even four centuries ago the harbour

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frequent cough is often due to slight attacks of congestion

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bonic acid be freshly made and that the injection be

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this is a city credited in the bills of mortality with

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tress of a child rending the air with its cries for

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claim for every hospital that which already exists in many and that

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bonate or 24 grains of ammonium carbonate. Diluted with

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douches of hot water and by taking this medicine in

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balance tests he was ordered sis months rest and the con

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to employ all the child s breathing resources will streng en the

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instead of longitudinal distances an angular division was introduced.

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esteem of his brother practitioners. He was highly observant

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be given to persons with anaemia or debility unless these are

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lessens. When this is the case the chorda tympani which Schiff has

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would wander around the room hunting in holes for money

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causes no acceleration in the jugular. The acceleration conse

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main bronchus and causes accumulated secretion behind the obstacle.

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and the body of the incus was dislocated. The incostapedial joint was

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system the optical center of which is at the posterior surface of the

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The usual cause of locked jaw is some neglected or unobserved

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to write tlie foreword preceding the introduction but the body of

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is one of the signs which has served most often to disprove the

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the present facilities of the Health Department would re

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swimming by the more intimate correlation between the fin rays and

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mented until the patient could no longer bear it. The relief was immed

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These then are the four chief forms of epilepsy which there should

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is practically constant. There is the event what is the cause Is it

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be irregular shooting pains in the arm. ISTumbndss or soreness may exist.

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sian astronomer Abd al rahman al Sufi who re observed Ptolemy s

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necrosis of the intestinal walls has proved a direct cause of lacera

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of the Poplar Hospital have published a document in which they say

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views expressed in last week s Journal respecting the worthlessness of

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causes of death tuberculosis 0.79 malarial fevers 0.55 dysentery

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mercury in 28 cases but had not found it as successful

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employers of lal or public or private to make it one of

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it depends upon existing conditions whether abortion will result or not.

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The mucosa is continued over it and no ulceration is