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difficulty in swallowing and discomfort about the esophagus and larynx

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Oovemment and Virtues It is under the dominion of the

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of diet as cucumber pastry mayonnaise pickles and cheese.

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Do not cut the cord until the baby breathes. Cause the mother to

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of a cholesteatoma or to secondary implication of the internal ear.

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tion from her delighted audience. The evening was brought to a close

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Hatjssmank D.. Die Parasiten der weiblichen Geschlecht s

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tion. Dullness is distinctly present. The transmission of the voice

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ism after extirpation of the sexual glands and a higher metabohsm

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pitals and infirmaries of the country laboratory aids to the surgeon I shall

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unknown reason unless it is because the resistance of the patient is

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vulsions from hemorrhages or other rapid and profuse losses of

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This third feature is especially valuable. However well the medical oflBcer

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We give the following general resunn and conclusions mude by

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of wire gauze in connection with plaster bandages and

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relieved and the general condition of the patient better. I was at that

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thrombosis of the superior longitudinal sinus there is sometimes oedema of

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I have also made the apparatus with the feet removed so

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Assistant Surgeon Guiteras to remain at Charleston S. C wait

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