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in most cases is of little practical importance. The sensation obtained

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tellar bursa too is generally ruptured and portions

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ibid A due mixture of vegetables necefl iry with our aoiBil

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imitated hand or arm movements. An armless man sitting

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The rate of liberation which would be required to maintain

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wall and only the extreme end of the second has not been obliterated.

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should spend the hotter months away from the sea alto

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inducements could be offered. The lack of a sufficient numoer of

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under the influence of vaccine treatment. In nine cases the disease was

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Lit animal eats and drinks freely. In attempting to l leed an

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one of the field hospitals. The patients all died in a few hours

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tation. Valvular heart lesion with insufficient venous return is commonly

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Religion makes a man lovely in his age true and deep

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as dimness or muscse volitantes noises in the ear and one

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Though of no serious importance as diseases they are unsightly and

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body rigid as though the least movement caused them pain. The

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Ethyl Chloride cannot compare with Nitrmis Oxide in

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The struggle for existence claims also among the upper

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easy matter as it might appear without trial or consideration for tlie

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from recurrence for three years after operation and five

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remove the barrier of protective cell proliferation and so provide an open

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years. Slight deafness following otitis media in the right ear.

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shows an appreciable rise with presumably its concomitant effect on

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procurent ut ab ipso Deo inspirata credantur propriore prospectore

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do not always go on to heal uninterruptedly. If they are

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being often only the accomplishment of a project formed while

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the Royal United Service Institution on May 20th. The chair was taken

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quinine. Two cases have also been published in which persistent

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jrocesses of maturation and senescence. A short account of these normal

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a day. This constituted the only medical treatment until after the

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further branching in the interlobular septa they soon lose

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large in comparison with the connective tissue cells they

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