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and discolorations. implantations obturators interdental and other forms of dental splints.

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clean sheets clean blankets clean comfortables and clean pillows.

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A Consideration of the Etiology of Mucous Colitis.

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the risk of tufection is minituizeci. EKpecially there is do

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neighbors in their beauty sleep. If only the midnight cat

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of one of the vens comites the other lieing intact. Three arterio

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anatomical atlases. Word descriptions alone no longer suf

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ing the fact that investigations of the State Board of

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deaths as against 112 unvaccinated cases with 38 deaths

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and two died. Of the latter one after the first and

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among the most common forms of pretended suicide and when

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engagements between the Chinese and Japanese. Wilson reports two

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large in comparison with the connective tissue cells they

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persistence and long continuance of the treatment by

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the cotyledonous extremity becoming thickened in germination and

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Mauriceau de la Motte Portal van Deventer Roonhuyze and

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therapeutics may profit by it. Missouri iMctlicul Journal.

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forty abdominal sections without any bad results and I thought

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In the open end of an unglazed clay cylinder such as is used

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the inheritance of the poor found it the two edged sword of

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operation would be a very difficult one. The operation when it was

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the acidity was found very high while in chronic forms

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ing conditions which the eye is unable to recognize and

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described by authors as they have been partly considered

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at the place in question it is endemic or sporadic. Let us

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and explanation by the Commissioners mostly agreed to

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posed they were found largely distended though not full. They must have

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With the high pover the finer fibrillary nature of the str a

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atrophy is associated with paralysis thus it is unusual for the patient

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the State has undergone very great improvement and we can thank

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recognized microscopically especially if the section is stained

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probe pointed bistoury was used the cartilage was found

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April 1910. The fleas collected were Xenopsylla Loemopsylla

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utes at least should contain a record of the facts and if

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of the Fourteenth Indiana and sent into West Virginia where he served

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the age of ten years by a careful physician who would take

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tories to enact effective laws or regulations for the control of

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and in one case the spleen was enlarged. Silbermann has published a

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tion experiments were foredoomed to failure and that the

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employment the survey to include methods of work and

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with an excrescence varying from the size of a millet

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ment because of the lack of knowledge as to what constitutes

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total intake of 1.5 grams a piece but their condition remained

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Uncryslallizable or Fruit sugar called by Souberain Ckulariose. This

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surgical inferences to be drawn from their Anatomical arrangement.

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bladder urine obtained by catheter showed enormous numbers of

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thought of an eminent scholar in medicine one long argument

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excellent report of the special Committee appointed to

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hardy mountaineers particularly on hearing the mountain song of their

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cavity. At the third meeting a small amount of gas is

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the evening a full anodyne as before should be given this

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the initial foci coalesce into one or more large foci which may become

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How then can we recognize the equivalence of these two series Be

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may discover in science which may be of interest or concern to

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ters on nervous diseases and on diseases of women. But even

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stewed fruits it they are not too sweet. The simpler vegetables

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various single plate colour processes including the new

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ture of the term on this subject last week. He is re

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duce something of a revolution in medical study for it makes

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made by the butcher for removing the head. Should these glands

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being placed in rooms where infectious disease exists 4. Through the cows being

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whole time officers are by reason of longer and special educa

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a consideration of clinical evidences. In a recent publica