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gradually emptied by the stopping of further admissions.
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with a number of legs arranged in two rows from one
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their teeth appeared early and the growth of their hair
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other a severe jamidice following the third injection. Both cases
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excreted over a long period of time. When the glomerular function is
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Blood manure nasal discharges etc. scattered about the ground
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sion to protect the people from medical charlatanism
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extremely difficult to manage and it too often happens that they do not
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hours after exposure. Stage 3 was vefy similar to that with the intermediate
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unteers United States Army and acting chief surgeon of
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rella mycetoma Laveran a recognized cause of black grained
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going of the treatment to which he wall be subjected while there
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the part of the blood as presented by microscopic exam
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old who complained of inability to keep the eyes open
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his knowledge. Personal examination ot remedies pre
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Hospital Consulting Physician to the Eye Hospital and to the Hos
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much discussion in contemporary publications and the case attracted much
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Three horses attacked with this filariasis fortuitously died during
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other particulars her past and personal histories unimportant. She had had
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but this is often not realized because a persistent former
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the degree of oiliness of the scalp and May 25 1914.
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the lines of the memorandum already referred to and tho
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which being nearly as crude and almost as little concocted as
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fistula was divided and the openings In the artery and vein were
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good work without money and the position could only be
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marks or coronary spots upon the crown as all authentic
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deutsch. nor did he force it upon the German nation but he
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it come off eafily at next drefling. Afterwards the
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of the other constituents of the blood and hence he has
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cated like other forms of sore throat by loss of appetite discharge
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results in the treatment of tetanus delirium tremens hysteria cho
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vuts to tbe mare in aome oasea for three or four days
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undetermined illness 1. ne other ease that of athetosis developed after a
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tliree. All Avere tasteless except one which had a slightly oily taste.
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will go to show A gentleman about thirty nine years of
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the estimation of the reaction of the bacteriological media by titration of
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mal parasite in the blood of all patients with malarial fever a
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happened that under the influence of the State insti
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lished its first surgical clinic. He gave special attention
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ment the right heart maintaining the circulation of the lungs and
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Kemove all manure and disinfect same by saturating with strong
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Much has been done by German authorities in preventing tri
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least a factor in the metabolic processes peculiar to the
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cud of September the number of children fed each week
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tioned collapse pain of varying degree of severity
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the temples of Serapis and Isis Serapieia Isieia corresponding to
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often bring out the cut end of the ureter and fasten it
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is dysuria and is accompanied by painful micturition
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than of other parts of the body and it is well there
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ercise which consisted of running up a flight of twenty
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specific facilities and amounts of funds to be invested.
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Alcohol and lead seem to be the most potent predisposing etio
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and they were found present. This case was particularly
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Training. Did not need any became he was in the serrice before
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influenza. Another point and one which I have gradually
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ed in America as a Therapeutic agent under the name of Glonoine.
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will be feen on the white paper which will continue fome time. A
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SCHULTZE Fr. Der Fetischismus. Ein Beitrag zur Anthropologie in der Reli
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aneurysm were quite apparent and the probability therefore of a rupture into
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a heavy drinker taking several glassc of beer a day as well
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tbe New York Polyclinic Hospital and Medical School
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abiding composure and quietude worth more than all medi
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in the affected nostril varies from a slight narrowing
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remained the superficial layer which moreover was infiltered
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best effected by rest in bed for at least four weeks and a
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local signs. Very remarkable manifestations may occur under these cir
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several of the charges were found to be baseless two
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campaign against Indians for ten months and then for nearly four years
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intermedia are derived embryologically from the epithelium of the