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of four thousand women and their children who were delivered

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Tuberculosis in other parts naturally adds to the danger but treatment may

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should be put into the dock. Now writes Nussbaum we save lives

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inches or more the uterus merely contains a fibroid

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by the U. S. Department of Agriculture and a permit from the

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reddish tint and the interspaces of a whitish colour.

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cancer was again higher than in any preceding year.

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the slightest effort or the least tendency to spasm

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ably due to the formation of poisonous oxids and other

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Mansion G. Les Phl6botomes europ6ens. European species of

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the Business Committee. The Committee recommended the addition

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contact and in the latter which is far less frequent by

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resulted from the application of these methods of treatment. In

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excretory passages with this difference that instead of terminating in

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treatment has often been followed in some cases by a most rapid

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A man with a cancer ancestry should not neglect any chronic stomach

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incised along its convex border every pus cavity should be sought out

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of Ureteral Stricture Record of Deaths following Gynecological Operations. By