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was applied with success. Seventeen months later a secondary

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ber of the Army Retiring Board appointed to meet in

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hypothesis our inquiry breaks down and we can no longer affirm any

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Premature Senility of the Uterus. Addinsell reports

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ment from drmking water from condemned or doubtful sources during a

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blanketed and keep ice to her head turn her over from side to

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uncommon in congenital syphilis in yjatients who reach 20 years and

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the inflammatory process has taken place in the interior of an organ

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is usually of a green richly variegated colour with

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By actual test one steel rail has outworn seventeen iron rails

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thermal insulator between the two panes of glass If this space were

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OctobiBr Sd 120 days the patient changed his dress

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may pass deep into the muscular coat reaching to or even perforating the

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property of improving the nutrition of the liver if used in a small

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ommended for such cases. I used a drug which I had never

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Multiple Neuritis. Various chronic affections of the nerves of an inflam

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accompanied by well marked subjective sensations nor

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Nourishing diet with stimulants. Aperients or emetics if bowels or

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lower limits of the lungs and the outlines of cardiac dulness

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It is therefore evident that nearly all patients with

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observation. They were able to reco er pathogenic motile treponema

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treatment or when peritonitis indicating abdominal section is present.

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restored for some hours the pupils becoming gradually less and

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J Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory Bulletin no. i 1900.

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A cooling and antipruritic ointment of great efficacy useful in