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tincture was originally introduced into the Pharmacopoeia on the

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frequently found in elderly individuals as a fatty infiltration of

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Ear Nose and Throat. Illustrated articles on Direct Laryngoscopy or Auto

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The latter should always be crushed before swallowing. It

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to the touch because of the stoutness of the patient.

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as expectorants in the treatment of bronchitis when tho

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gress of knowledge in which medicine shared. The discovery of the

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so far I have heard of no cases of reappearance. A case

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Snow blindness seems to be due to an irritable retina or irrita

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species are considered to be new viz. fuscijjes lineatus pseudoardens

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of the family especially the mothers who are liable to infect their infants

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this laboratory are felt throughout the whole work. In a future

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excellent report of the special Committee appointed to

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because of the increasing prices for articles of subsistence. Practi

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turbance the duodenal function soon becomes normal when

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The Suriey I anel Committee protests most strongly against the

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fibres of the tunica media. Retrograde changes set in later with fatty

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pon was saturated with the cerebrospinal fluid. The

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severe winter in these localities it is assumed that the mosquitos winter

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month they were discovered. We are not sanguine however

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secondary extremity centers is related to a single segment or articulation of the

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on the pulmonary disease in virtue of the collapse of the lung which

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grateful wines as well as many pleasing associations during

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and so constant was this condition that I expected to

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vessels and nerves. When it reaches the edge of the

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The studies of the comparative anatomists upon the cerebellum

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orrhagic. All of the abdominal viscera intestine and Pyres

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by other gentlemen there had been no loss of sensation.

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sutures holding the labia apart should be removed. Any excess of

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internal capsule and optic thalamus and 8 that a part of the anterior