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anteriorly. Six ocular muscles are inserted into it. Cornea
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occur and there are evidences of deep seated suppuration
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of the vasomotor system even when the actual strain is not great.
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Anna Botsford Comstock B.S. Member of the Society of
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And with this evident inferiority what can we learn further
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Epileptiform fits one year ago. Right side of chest contracted
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will be kept in basket marked Examination incomplete. To return.
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During rest or relaxation the diaphragm is domed upward.
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ures of adjustment occurring on exposure to low oxygen. In every
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mation and sometimes temporary ptosis. It lessens the
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What histological changes occur in acute simple inflam
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in putrid gases and in peculiarities of the soil and the hidden
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neighborhood of the frenum. Hemorrhage should now be
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femur if the connection between the two bones is at all firm
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brane and granulation tissue must be dissected away any ex
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and of malignant oedema are known as gas producers. Among
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