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six such cases. Unfortimatelj an accidental pneumo thorax is

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of a large bone after which the immobility of the limb

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chronic rhino pharyngeal irritation which we felt were due to infected

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reduce the spirits to order and to restore and strengthen their

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Somewhat recently there has been reported a number of cases of

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but the provisions are so restrictive and absurd in their claims

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as in Damonia. The same may be said with regard to this

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Alexander operation. The special point of interest was the

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raphy for medical words. In his preface he asserts a general regard for

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rather different history. He was a young man twenty two years of

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direction and birth may be hindered if they are not adjusted. The

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administered. Rales and a slight discharge of fluid

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the unfailing Paris scientist saying that a bacillus

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a fretful and complaining nature that any inquiry however

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delivering the address in gynecology at the meeting

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hemorrhages may be single or multiple abundant or consist of one

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companied with Spaniardcs to whorae they doc difcoucr

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before parturition and to such an extent that the mouth and nostrils

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verted either a half embryo or a whole dwarf was pro

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Surgeons then incorporated and upon the dissolution of that Company became vested

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one of these conditions is usually associated with a corresponding

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from which it gradually rallies when the friends find

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Guaiacol Carbonate. I give two grains of the former with

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intervention is undoubtedly justified where life appears to be threatened

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One such example alone however is calculated to ex

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will examine seamen cadets enlisted men both of the merchant marine. Coast

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Resolutions Adopted by the Physicians of Santa Clara County 604

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his chest by paracentesis in the left posterior axillary line.

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a representation of a bearded woman born in Bracken County Ky. Her

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child had been subjected unknowingly to the infection of

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one slight clouding and retraction at the left apex. An illustrative

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Elevated positions with diminished atmospheric pressure may assist

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Lecons sur les maladies du systeme nerveux. Paris 1872 3. In addition

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the cystic duct into the gaU bladder. Of course one might have a

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be congratulated upon having such excellent work at its

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alarmed until the child was actually moribund. The child had been warned by

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found it essential to cover the rubber stopper connections with water

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ough evacuation of toxines by all possible ways. 4.

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been pi ugged by the aid of cotton and astringents the

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There is general beading of the ribs anteriorly also

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the following case is not in accord with this view.

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swallow either alone or with salt and vinegar as recommended by

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her 2 counseill in alle maner of causes lawfull and honest to her

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Vanni Mezzasti Rubens and other medieval and post medieval

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would appear to be more suitable and in many ways more

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so midwifery was equally confined to the management of

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The muscles on the right of the bone show the same putrefactive

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zation of a fibrinous deposit on its surface both healthy and

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Years of Age The Why and How appears in Northwest Med

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typical paralysis of divergence. Four days after the first examination

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and c uni adults whilst in some older patients Ions before the hepatic

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while inflammatory products present rapid degenerations fatty and

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is entirely different from that which it bears when unaccompanied by the

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Williams Kenrick Henry Bold Llansaintffraid Conway.