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the vertebral column in good position. On the other

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ponents whenever possible to maximize the use of each unit. We are further

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Local treatment is directed toward swellings which threaten

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the astragalo scaphoid articulation and prevents the roll

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tinuousness. As septic chills are of toxic origin so

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wage effectual war on the nostrum vendors and the quacks of all

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longed and a degree of present improvement may be anticipated according

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which the physician in the interest of the patient can

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it cannot be supposed that the terrestrial experiences of the

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dency to multiply useless remedies in this case the policy of

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diction sound in its statement and covers a sufficiently

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Our knowledge of the remedies which stimulate the functional

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these cases menstruation may be perfectly normal there is no dys

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or any condition which will produce an alteration of

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also true of diphtheria smallpox scarlet fever and other

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base ethyl C4H5 and alcohol as its hydrated oxide C4H5O I HO.

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several days obstruction will result. In thirty five

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Lehrbuch der gerichtlichen Medicin siebente Ausgabe.

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A neurological examination during a quiet stuporous interval or post

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ciation of languages. This adjustment being learned in

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digitalis 10 drops of the tincture t. d. and other cardiac stimulants is

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Fourcroy M. de La Me decine eclairtje par les Sciences Physiques

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the slightest pain of any kind after removal of the pin.

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In designing this atlas the needs of both student and practitioner were kept

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officers to do their utmost to assist memViers of the service

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and feet were swollen and she also had severe abdominal pain.

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blood. These with sunlight produce toxins and cause

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through means of that affinity it must get weakened like a pile in

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concept would enable us to reach a definite view of the nature of

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still more important as a contribution to our knowledge of the

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villages to be destroyed and the inhabitants removed to the new ones

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in connection with the work of the Hospital. It Is Issued monthly.

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used depends not upon their antiseptic qualities but upon their

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grees. This should not be so any longer for we have some as

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absolutely unaffected the knee jerks and other reflexes

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gently with salt solution and apply the gutta percha

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hair follicles in the form of irregular narrow cylindrical hags contain

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assured the members that it would remain amongst his

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will hold out the least possible chance of recovery.

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have been eliminated hence we feel that this picture is fairly

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uncultivated about 10 acres of land adjoining the wells are inclosed

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PICA. From Pica a magpie probably because this bird was supposed

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four days the excrescence becomes dry is easily detached and

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treatment. He regretted that there were still a few

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taken from patients under ether have shown the renal function stimulated

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the danger to life is extremely great and among the newly born