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of Loudon obtained from it a volatile crystaUizable acid which he

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organs the brain and spinal cord will in the great majority be

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of two hours the patient s condition not being satisfactory the uterus

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small and feeble the temperature in the axilla at 96 Fahr. Such

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used in the dog as a general anaesthetic to administer i io grain

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Among others Rindfleisch maintains that these cells are produi

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Fig. 4826. Varicose Ulcer of the Leg showing Multiple Lesions

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hardening of the arteries. Until the things causing the

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tissue and containing pus and faeces. This abscess communicated

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In reply to my letters the following facts were gleaned

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associated took leprosy and died. The exception in this

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peritoneum or into the prevesical space of Retzius. If

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it was before the injection and no permanent damage resulted.

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orders. Now the powers of the trans Pacific lines say

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has revealed some interesting changes. Studies of the peripheral

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by inflammation of accessible surfaceB as diphtheria icnrlet fever and pertussis.

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of the myocardium the lesions are in many cases circumscribed. In

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Before its illness this pony was very lively and had good action

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blood of dengue patients and believes he has discovered the parasite

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The photographs of the four types here reproduced were supplied me

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however coul.l both have beeu brought to light if the

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card s comparison of analogous association in the mats of the Swiss

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r.r I. lt i with pains in the pelvic bones the riba

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edema of the ankles was visible but later this became marked and

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liberal diet good hvgiene change of scene and mode of living

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student. It must not however be taken as worthy of tha

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The Strikingly successful results of this operation in the hands of sur

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Tar is a thick tenacious opaque liquid of a dark brown almost

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cost of converting a row of houses into a hospital would

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stant variations occur in the follicular circulation before as

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The following cafe evinces that the motions of ftretching the

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be thoroughly treated with kerosene or Pintch gas residue where this

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are more emotional or more volitional. This preliminary answer is

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appeared greatly depressed and hid away in dark corners. A few