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whilst the voice gets weaker and weaker. After this has continued for a

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neum. This requires a larger incision than is necessary

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diet must be slow and cautious. In subacute milk infec

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j gt elow. In this latter direction it is inserted into

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less active and there is defective oxygenation of the

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stricted diet and rather free purging. The child s condition

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in healthy persons. Weakness of breathing at the affected apex is

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which are more peculiar to it are inactivity of the

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Capt Farfield L. McKinney now on temporary duty with Ambulance

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membrane covering them they must also be classed with adenomata and

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velop but frequently retrogress and amount and character of this stroma

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golian Ethiopian American and the Malayan. While Blumenbach s

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Krauss Ludwig A table showing the results obtained in tho

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The Chair Dr. Pittman s paper is now up for discussion by Dr.

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reddisli tinge inner sepals ovate rather larger than the outer. Females

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conservatism and bigotry in all departments of life and ever

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has once been so labelled it is difficult subsequently to persuade him

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discovered that that review was written by a man who had sent

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and recorded on a chart if they can be taken oftener so

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armatum Fuhrmann 1904 61 63 fig. 3 in Rostrhamus sociabilis.

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wives. Is the gallant officer acquainted with Miss Nightingale s pub

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which becomes vesicular. Inllammatory induration extends around this

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