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and his skill as an operator admitted by all. The particular de

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danger is further diminished by the culinary habits of the people and

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concussion of the brain as in the majority of instances the phenomena

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bacillus in 1882 by Koch I remarked at the Ontario Medical Association

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Parturition in etiology of eclampsia 306 of hysteria

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Various names have been applied to tUia disease. In Germany and

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test tubes one then adds respectively 1 2 3 and 4 drops of

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of microscopical technique due to Leydig Ranvier to Max Schultze

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Hitherto those species of diseases have been treated of which so often affect

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upper third of the second lumbar vertebra though in

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in hedges and thickets and upon neglected fields. It flowers

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specially from Berlin proposed to lay open the gall

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The lioUling np of the contents of the lower ileum by the

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difficult to draw conclusions as to the percental fluctuation. In making the

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mapping one single spectrum by eye observation of the difficulty

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after winking both eyes three or four times in rapid succession

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made in the infected areas. Instructions were given as to the pre

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liminary findings The basis of experimental evidence

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ingly higher temperature is a third sign guiding nie in

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FRRPABATiON. Take of mercnrj by weight four ounces nitricacid eight fluid

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more than one pathological factor was involved in the production of the

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The location of a pulsating empyema necessitatis is almost always on

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rk and gloomy state. All failed. At last fancying from some ofi

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of forty cases of vaginal hysterectomy for cancer. Of these eleven

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and has been so for some time past. The extension of the

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movements of the muscles of the Lead fore legs find some

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Halliday Sir Andrew General View of the Present State of Lunatics

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and characteristic peculiarity of Pandanus hotryoides. Sometimes in this species

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tion of scabs with washed lard or olive oil and removal by linseed

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more Diphtheria 17 cases scarlet fever 21 cases typhoid

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Description. This is a very large evergreen aromatic tree varying

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knowledge and Cannon s contribution has been the most

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shading should be used unless half tones are required.

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I feel it my duty to publish this unfortunate case and hope

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before the completion of the typhoid paratyphoid vaccinatiop every effort will be

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being shorter in the younger patients. This interval varies from a few

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bladder urine obtained by catheter showed enormous numbers of

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fait quo ce qu il devoit puisqu on le laissoit faire.

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forms. When roused by a daring exhibition of these vices his natural

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additional experiments. In 1889 Herzen demonstrated

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acid or with chloride of iron and then syringes the mouth out

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influenza cases the cough was severe and very frequent. About

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border of the sternum. On Oc t ob er 27th the pulse

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several operations and careful judgment and great skill has been

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ike. The practice of applying equal parts of tincture of

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dishes washing clothes and similar manipulations must be

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IT. r. All the preceding circumftances of the catenations of animd

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sclerotic tissue. I have never seen in the cord an increase of the

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endotoxemia. These unfortunately applied in severe infections


a gimlet punching it with a hot iron or applying caustics. The

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and England in fish furs hides wool and similar produce.

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portance and the degree of malignancy was a critical

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tlie urine a blue or black tint the products of dis

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solution u amp ed for curetting. A drop of atropine solution was

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presents the results of similar treatment in 100 cases in private practice.

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most convincing and his main contentions have already been in

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glabrous leaves and short few flowered axillary racemes dioecious.

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the back near the seventh vertebra. The man is still alive

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take place in the organ in the direction of atrophy.

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were 37 cases that did not correspond to either of the first two

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