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denied all the special advantage of this contact. The special sec

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would destroy the reputation of her mother and usurp her place

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from headquarters of the center made difficult its supply and control therefore

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Communications for the Society should be sent to the Secretary

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stimulus to development but if it is begun it should be continued

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peutics. Even Skene several years ago regretted that medical treat

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It is therefore evident that nearly all patients with

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quarters this office recommended that a medical officer be assigned

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shall eat blood neither shall any stranger that sujourneth among you

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dered and takes time trouble and labor which the physician cannot

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rule out the possibility of the swelling being dependent

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composition is only seenin cases of rapidly spread

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of the monograph Murphy deals exhaustively with the avenues

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their chronic illness these class D patients required the most careful attention

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performed but in most cases it is more dangerous than

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the inflated anterior edges large amounts of lightly and heavily blood tinged

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patients left the hospital very soon after the blood examination was

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replaced as in the case of phthisis and of cardiac disease the

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examination of the discharge under the microscope and

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means men with diverse and fresh sympathies were found to lead the

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said relapses are the rule. The prognosis will depend ujion the case.

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only in a whisper. There is a peculiar paroxysmal sharp ringing

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tick Ixodes ricinus is very common in the district. hexagonus

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due to cerebral softening may simulate lethargic encephalitis. Their patient

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expresses the exclamation of an Indian when he knocks at a door and

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there is poured out a large amount of plastic material which undergo

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In this way a connexion between the causatory toxaemia

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Charcot and accepted by Kussmaul which refers the frequent

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and the amount gradually increased to two or three quarts. Com

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abdominal walls are rigidly contracted. In the commenceineut

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be possible to determine the influenzal character of the affection until by

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eeehymoses may develop in the course of tho disease.

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St. Thomas s in 1846. There he took most of the prin

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for patiaits in their homes and change of occupation to some who

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isted over the whole surface of the body except the

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officer we hear a sanitary committee has been appointed to secure if

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cut his hand while making a postmortem examination on a

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disease. The first question to ask and answer is whv is there

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November to August. The following subjects were taught

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tion. At puberty at the menopause and after atrophy or removal of the

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interruption of the current from section of the wire by which

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Its study of the consciousness of animals and of primitive men and

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and other pulmonary affections also in gonorrhea leucorrhea and

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phagocyting bacteria the fixed tissue cells of lung and spleen and liver

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well as the steers more than doubled during the period of feeding showing

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Friends and Family I am very grateful to everyone in my life that

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view to improve her general health which was much impaired by the secretion

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State examination he has to furnish a certificate that he attended

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pital ward post mortem room and scientific laboratory

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recording also that the lesions do not suggest a complicating influenzal pneu

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reaction faiblement positive de Pandy et dans I autre 50 cellules par

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A bitter principle has been obtained from the European oak bark

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RouBAUD E.. Etudes sur la Faune Parasitaire de I Afrique Occiden

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healed rapidlj but the inner part of the nose became swollen and a

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the area the ring becomes suddenly flat as though shaving a drum head.

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tubular or cavernous the term tubular is used here as synonymous

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this principle is likewise obvious enough. It must be the chief