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the disease the intervals of freedom lasting sometimes three or four months.

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For the diagnosis of surgical conditions we must humbly pay

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need of influence being brought to bear upon the Government through

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in a limited number of cases of acute and recent labyrinthine deafness

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tion from her delighted audience. The evening was brought to a close

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The Treatment of Diphtheria with the Antitoxin. In sup

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concretion and diverticulum. Although he rallied well

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Resolved In case this committee should find occasion

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condition is generally recognised by the owners or cow herds. The

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whoopingcough Patient has diffused eyes often blue rings

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Other sensory phenomena are amtsthesia hypercesthesia parasthesia

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The same stimulation which produces the increase in mucus irritates the func

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large insurance companies and industrial commissions in some states

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this in catarrhal laryngitis no matter how severe.

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Hales and Knight of the earlier physiologists and Treviranus Molden

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here he is no novelty. The distribution of these students was as

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required. The United States Pharmacopoeia gives the following direc

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ury Department. It is probable that there will have

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It would take a somewhat more rigorous regulation of milk

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anxiety because of the danger of hemorrhage. Even the

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to suggest homicide. There are cases of this kind we admit where

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by no means an unimportant part of the treatment of

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duction of heat or the protection of fat or proteid.

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who have died soon aft er submitting to operative interference. Some of

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aud exercise great care in the attendant treatment as there prescribed.

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sound in his preference for the English classics and he

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lies in an unconscious or seemingly unconscious condition. Suddenly the

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Palawan Puerto Princesa 218 258 Bermejos December 1905 Panactin

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of the present paper is to bring up for discussion an explanation

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inflammation. The pleura was not inflamed byt exhibited

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