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a privilege by the management of the branch in question

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and responded to light but sluggishly. The knee jerks

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established. Very few of these cases were severe and were not of

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So far as can be seen it sometimes happens that the

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may be also administered in the form of tincture or syrup.

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My Family Thanks for all your support and encouragement and for always

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There is certainly no doubt that the pensions or indemnities that they will

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because both operations are practically quite as easy

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Several cases of local syncope local asphyxia and gangrene have been

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but it is difficult to see how the duodenum itself could have passed

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prove to you by the diploma sent you herewith in which

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lowing is the formula for Zenker s formalin solution used

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right than on the left. The cardiac impulse was inappreciable on

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W ith the contraction of the pupils and the return of

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the absence of objective examination of the ear the real cause has been

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ers croton oil mustard poultices the compound tar plaster or dry cups.

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yngeal swelling and ulceration of the kind described

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composed of numerous salts mucus a volatile oil a resinous substance

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from those of the common people as a rule he does no

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sided in the course of four or five days although subse

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paralysis from disease of some part of the nervous system.

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patch the snake the bushman gave the reptile a kick

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other valvular lesion. It extends chiefly downward and to the left.

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reading table to each bed armchairs and so on. Much

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tations and Disarticulations Excisions of Bones and Joints

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ter to recommend to the Association the election of the

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accomplish practical results in these cases. Dilatation

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bicarbonate of soda are to be administered internally while a moderate

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with sclera sutures in addition to conjunctival plasty. In

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The smallest tracheotomy tube was too small for the

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we may call compassion curiosity and cupidity which

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apply equally to all cases whether the spinal cord has

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sick his symptoms were those of a general catarrhal