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through the anterior fontanelle showed that the meningitis

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pressed and the outward movement of the lower ribs is arrested. Every

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very irritable and unreasonable. His condition otherwise remained

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present any bony lesion. The case was a very unusual one.

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but too rarely used in the present day it makes a valuable addition

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vulsion appears to come as the termination of an obscure

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Black Milne and Rogers treated 35 cases of influenzal broncho

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mismanagement by unskilful people has been allowed. But when the

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not ligate the bleeding orifices Prof. Gross advises

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He bloats after eating. Complains of feeling stiff he

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laryngeal tracheal and bronchial lesions were of the mildest degree.

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veloped stands erect for a long period the muscular relaxation or

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injuries as that now before us and it could not have been supplied

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The York County Veterinary Medical Society met in the

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the least expenditure of effort. Take as one illustration out of many

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of the relation of criminality in the offspring to alcoholism in the parents.

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with the muscular atrophy that follows the operation.