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nitrogen and 14.8 per cent of the total calories and the

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We shall not attempt to carry you when the shriek of the locomotive

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filling up vacant beds so long as the number of paying patients assigned

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hypertrophic cirrhosis of the liver and very large

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entire populations by means of vermicides yet the treatment

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consider in the interests of his patient is that the

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aneurisms and the rupture of vessels without previous aneurismal dila

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lasted one week keeping him awake at night. He had no more

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clue to the course of the others. It then remains to decide which

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morals everywhere surely beget poverty and disease. Both

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to personate and yet it is necessary to make some detailed

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confess upon mv part that I have not language sufficient to do it

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appointed members of the question committee. The law provided

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Medical Sociology on all the three days that it met. The

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jected with 10 per cent formalin to fix the chyle in place

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instances say for example in the case of Otfried s language in Old

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resist the vulgar prosperity that retrogrades toward barbar

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surplus of abdominal wall. The fascial layer is thin and the

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stages the acute the recurrent and the cicatricial. It is with

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alternating in persons and in families with a history of insanity or

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books but likely to be unknown to many readers. A study

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spiratory muscles as from injuries inflicted on the

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mised that these pouches serve as reservoirs to hold an extra supply of

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These were the only active measures which remained for us to employ from

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possible to keep his typhoid patients under observation for

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enfolds the superior portions of the pelvic organs

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lung is made up of innumerable air cells having thin elastic walls

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Z Oca y. Nasal douche with weak solution of permanganate of potash

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which have been formulated and are now promulgated for the

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department the drinking water is reported as wholesome.

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regions of the pyramidal tracts show a more normal manner of staining.

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preparations we meet with in the shops differ much in activity. It

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Schluss auf die Bedeutung der Vernachlassigung der Accom

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stale matter nor tiresome compilations. On the contrary it

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sequently proved to be due to the acetic acid alone. No blister

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effective. Viett used the intravenous method in a series

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upon the body temperature in pyrexia or fever that is as

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muscles are described as becoming implicated in the

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Symptoms. The animal attempts to urinate or make water

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Previous History. Double pneumonia at twenty one when she

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Interruption of the local circulation in the deeper parts of the

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cc of urea are given. If the blood concentration is already as high

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a form rarely seen here cases in which the examina

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general observations. No disease at the present time is more worthy

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ly too general to be of any very great value in mak

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cognized diploma provided that His Majesty in Council is

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therefore occupies a prominent place in causing chorea. A large

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condition. He makes a point however of the immediate increase of a type

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and the animal allowed to breathe naturally it contains

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nal that evidences of the disease are likely to make