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in conjunction with opium the result was that in the latter
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and inter lobular process. One of the Dogs observed by Zwaardemaker
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medalist declaring his growing lielief in the efficacy
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digestion and abilominal j ains the latter are cough chorea convul
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be withdrawn. The position was that they had agreed
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progress and it is unfair to make any adverse comment
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the vermicular motions of the ftomach and duodenum are inverted
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equalled his own whilst he had been compelled to go to
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cord and evidently the cause of the death as the result
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sorry but I value my conscience my wife and my family my honor
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It seems that the substance is excreted by the parathyroidectomized ani
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of many cases of phthisis associated with murmurs the origin of
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largement of glands speak for malignant tutuors. I ever chill and sweats
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surgical interference of all sorts however great be the sanguineous effu
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men upon the disease. The cases described by him and others were
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The following case of acute inflammation of tJie oesophagus is particularly
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It is one of the best examples of the detached pavilion plan of
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the body in order that by force of gravity the blood
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ancestral types of various leukocytes with corresponding colored
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avoiding outdoor life as much as possible and keep
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its walls were very thin and little cicatrixed. The secondary degenerations
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Dr. Nathan is to be congratulat lt d o i having recently
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suffered from attacks of headache and vomiting followed by the
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nancies as a rule have an unfavorable influence on asthmatic women by
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such a diet a series of tests were made in tlie Yale
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to contribute and upon the scalp would have given it greater value.
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met with. The biliary fistula however persisted for two months after the
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The DiAONOsis is easy when tlie previous occurrence of diphtheria is
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ooth amp if thei fynde ony sich persoone or persoones of the ci
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have.luring menstruation sexually treated their wives not much
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way of dealing with the trouble. The principal causes of
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morphine cocaine and the other drugs enumerated in the
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B. NISTER John M. Major and Surgeon is assigned to duty
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we reach the fact that when flexion is lost and is not
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a more recent lesion continues to adhere. The crusts then rest on
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Worcester 2 Lynn 1. From scarlet fever. New York 26
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The 3rd lumbar can be estimated correctly by drawing a horizontal
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eeona substance to the alkaline salts tvro pounds of isinglass for
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duced by Professor D Alise of Naples oral sepsis iutro
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uated in medicine at the Medical College of South Carolina in 1855.
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a glass slide and allowed to dry. Stained with acid fuchsin and
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individual cells was also found to vary. These differences in
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with cold water for two hours if the patient does not
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destroy it. Dr. Armand Mercier at the Charity Hospital New Orleans
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offered them of providing at the trifling annual expenditure of two
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anastomosing petioles 5 to 7 mm long. Flowers not seen. Racemes
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London 21 Wolverhampton 22 Plymouth 22 Nottingham 23 Livar
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age of chloroform in the blood of these animals. In
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were deemed necessary and expedient. All other duties
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statistics show that about 64 per cent of cases of iritis
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admission rate thereafter during the winter months was about 20
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origin of the National Medical Union and said that it was
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the so called expectant plan as pursued by moderns is greatly more
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Clark PCOM Geisingcr Medical Center Danville PA Kvvartowifz
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in consensual action while doing so fully when the right eye is
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entire field of surgery with gynecology. Such a sacri
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was therefore sent for by Weyer s friend the Countess Anna of
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magistrate is satisfied he may issue an order for the detention of