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portion of the institution in studying the elementary branches

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had rendered himself obnoxious to the students and they determined to punish

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to the roentgenologist using the book for reference. Careful

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so called renal gout may occur in some patients who suffer from

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should be poured into a wide mouthed bottle corked and the following

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Glossaries explanations of technical terms medical dictionaries were the more necessary

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the descriptive catalogue. Special mention must also be made of the

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larger animals to introduce the closed fist into the vagina and to push

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patients be admitted for whom the treatment of those establishments is

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carefully for a month after the February consultation. The patient was

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line which in larger acini assumed a stellate form in still larger

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the prognosis is grave. In inherited syphilis the prognosis varies

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matous appendix is most apt to be mistaken are cyst of the

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fibrillary tremors and reaction of degeneration do not occur.

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B. Army Noneffective rates for all causes 1905 1914

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serious kidney damage which may result if we persist in expectancy and

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The features of the man are of Scottish cast but pleasant and winning.

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tlie three doses of typhoid prophylactic. All this was without any serious objection

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name Paraplegia dolorosa given to the cases of malignant disease of

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sylvania is second with 2 219 837 Massachusetts third

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closure and division of the cloaca which was faulty as

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by virtue of the spirit with which he himself is possessed

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amount of secretion in children causes mental dullness retardation

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mortality in some of the rural districts seems to be enormously high

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material by placing it in oil of juniper for ten minutes

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other metropolitan hospitals and asylums are recognized

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by grave fehrile conditions into o phlebitic gt cyclitic and c

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too remorseless iu their logical assault upon the old

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The age was given as fifty nine years. Laboratory Findings Urinalysis.

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bearded husk w s discovered 2 inches above the knee. It had

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rounding skin was protected by soap plaster spread on leather

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unreasonable to say that every householder having on his premises an

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dressing for even a few weeks show decided atrophy from lack

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then occasioned the contraction of tlie oesophagus which was never