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Neill and Makdougall Brisbane Medals Royal Society of Edinburgh Cullum

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a want of fair play to the medical officers in fixing their stipends.

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recourse to calomel and opium or tartar emetic according to circumstances.

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Character and mode of production. The character of the pain in such

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Council at the next annual meeting and a sum not exceeding five

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only. It is soothing nourishing and satisfying and gives

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over the stomach when venesection is not practised.

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and Surgeon Major Stafford who was deputed to report on its suit

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Throughout the Civil War he served with distinction

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difference in treatment from that recommended and carried

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in the pigmentation of the skin and hair. The experi

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surgeons would refuse an operation but it appears to me that in many

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These new growths of the meninges may apparently develop simul

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Haemoptysis may kill the patient by suffocation or from loss of blood.

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In examining my records of the cases tabled above T