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the physical signs of phthisis should lead to a diagnosis which

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PRESTON ROYAL INFIRMARY. Assistant Resident Medical and

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The patient a woman aged 24 had been admitted to the

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The Reading Room iu which boolis of reference periodicals.

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Questions and Answers. Consult the ship s doctor. To avoid sea

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This meeting of the Diseases of Children Section of tbe

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IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines

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controlled epileptic and one that is neglected which means that much can

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thoracic conformation of an old man with emphysema.

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only 2 in this series. All specimens are obtained by catheter where there

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found no pus and having disturbed the adhesions considerably I Uiought

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and pitting. According to John B. Brooke ilHt is exceedingly

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likely On the other hand that any gradual process of degeneration

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malarial fever as malarial fever which has assumed the adynamic type present

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ether spray. Haemorrhage if any requires application of solution of

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fruit acids the time of delay depending directly on

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middle ear and its adnexae are an extension from the pharyn.x via

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modern surgery. It will also cause undue serous exudation. There is also

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CEller Oppenhehn and other observers as occurring in cases of peripheral

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visible only on the fourth or fifth d.iy. Evidence of

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impairment of the general health. Life may however be prolonged

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aneurisms it seems to me that some light may be thrown

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than a half inch. She complained of soreness in the thoracic

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