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by negative physical and urinary examinations by a normal phenol

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Law Amendment Act 1885 was rejected by 21 votes to 4.

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ceral sensory and motor and that the rami communicantes

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dithcLilty in adapting one to the requirements of the

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infection but also in sections in one case in the right ventricle

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of the Royal College of Surgeons of Kdinburgh. and has been duly

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which has been termed contagious vaginitis in consequence of the

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ment in a woman whom I carried to full term although

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societies as the centre of things. Let us group if necessary several

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the wound became complicated. Towards the end of the second week

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period of general indisposition not unlike the prodromal

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reasoning as to hysterical hemiplegia can be extended to

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now closer now looser. In the last decennium of the past century

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subject of sanitary science. The second part is de

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ease but to render them harmless and also to increase

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tory results and comparatively easy of performance. It was recom

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premiaea The gas is moRfc effective between 60 degrees

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in the mouths of rickety children situated over teeth which should

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F.pithelioiu may occur in the sciotal.cica as a localized recurnnce ifter

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once or twice a week until all discharge ceases. The cow

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and vomiting and in consequence emaciation. All these symp

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amd the work of the Rockefeller Institute have convinced everyone

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tion of plastic material either by a counter irritant or stimulating action.

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tions. He reported a series of eighteen patients in which he found similar

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encouraging results. The condensed air bath is said to be contraindicated

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Painful menstruation skin cold. i atient chilly extremities

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are even now only finding their place. Within the last

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although the culture of the poppy has been limited in these places yet

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examination of the discharge under the microscope and

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may be distinguished In the intra peduncular form the third nerve is

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webe und andererseits der glatten Muskulatur gelten mtissen

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with inherited distrust of a functional pathology psychology

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ache slight nausea and intense dryness of the skin. On

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contained no harmful ingredients that certain medical men

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lines designed to safeguard the interests of the officers of

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for slaughter and the medical inspection of schools. The above are

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tendency to which at least is inherited from the mother

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the subject that it leads them to ignore entirely facts which are patent

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mistaken for cystitis. 2. One of the most important uses

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in fatty infiltration the drops coalesced and pushed the nucleus

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is to be neglected becuise it is always the expres

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cerning the seat of obstruction. In a very much smaller number of

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Avith increased flow of tears and sensitiveness to strong light. In some cases

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pathogenic organisms is of great importance in determining the

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appear after refraction to proceed from a point on the axis. This

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philippinensis Lamarck Mueller Arg. nat ord. Enphor

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of health who devotes his whole time to puhlic health work

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by the workpeople on the railways under construction.

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as yet be abandoned if funds are available for supplying the necessary

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aptjears suspicious a perject control of the native population is

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sexually those who have minor moral deficiencies and others

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Precis de Chirurgie de Guerre. By Edmond Delornie Surgeon General

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vagueness and lack of projection. Head holds that the dis

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upon to sample and taste. Our bill of fare reads Brain heart

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mon to many conditions. They should not be unrecorded.

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over bO years of age with myopia of 15 diopters and up

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and its disappearance in the erect position is not ab

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was suggestive of rthe most vulgar and despicable sort of graft. That

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of horses and mules characterized by derangement of consciousness

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Hot fomentations have long been in use but require persistent

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out in merciless mouthfuls the substance of his patients

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considered so as to supersede Dr. Stringer. That the

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foul. Yet at the highest possible point at which an in

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collapse of the lung. Dyspnea has been a marked feature since the beginning

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inferior epigastric sends off a spermatic branch which passes along the

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years of age and upwards 68.6 per cent had the dis

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make vomiting difficult long mesentery narrow ileo cecal

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Mr. Clinger. I think if you are going to operate at the lowest

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spoke as if they imagined that one injection is sufficient.

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are to be taken as are needed in a diphtheria case.

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country also there is like to be a good dearth in the land

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mechanical principles involved their bearing on muscular

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On the other hand there is an unfavourable element in the union

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only contraindication to operation is a moribund condi

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struction is not in the common duct. One is the sutur

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cles of the face. The oedematous symptoms and heart troubles play

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marked malaise tottering gait and a difficulty in speaking as if the

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c ticKToa that can employ a chc mist to oxcnee the work

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occur more frequently in the male sex and nearly at the same

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